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At Boundstone we use a mixture of child centred and adult led activities to enable children to explore mathematical ideas in ways that make personal sense to them and to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Children are introduced to numbers at an early age through songs and number rhymes. Using numbers and counting in play helps children to recognise and use numbers reliably as they get older to develop mathematical ideas and to solve problems.

Children with English as a additional language are encourage to use numbers from that language as well as being gradually introduced to the English number names.

We have number lines on display in nursery and a dedicated maths area with clearly labelled resources that the children can access independently.

We work to incorporate maths into every day life, such as discussing how many bowls or cups might be needed for snack time, and also encouraging role play around topics such as shopping.

A variety of resources are available which help to develop a knowledge of shape, space and measurement including sand and water trays, building bricks and blocks and more specialised maths resources.


  • Child is able to count from 1-20, place these numbers in order and say which is less or more if given a set of two numbers to describe

  • Can use small objects to assist them in counting on or back to find the answer to simple single digit sums and solve problems such as doubling, sharing and halving quantities.

Shape, space & measures

  • Child is able to use everyday language to describe size, capacity, weight, position, distance, time and money.

  • Is able to compare quantities and solve problems

  • Child can recognise, create and describe patterns

  • Child shows an interest in exploring the characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and is able to use mathematical language to describe them

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