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We provide access to a wide range of reading materials and mark-making equipment to encourage children to begin linking sounds and letters, leading to them developing their ability to begin to read and write.

Literacy involves the development of two key skills:


  • Child is able to read and understand simple sentences

  • Child can demonstrate understanding when talking to others about something they have read

  • Can use knowledge of phonics (letter sounds) to decode simple, regularly used words and read them aloud correctly

  • Can recognise and read some irregular words (ones that can’t be sounded out)


  • Child uses their knowledge of phonics to write words that match the way they sound when spoken

  • Child is able to write some irregular words

  • Is able to construct and write simple sentences that can be read by themselves and others, with some words spelt correctly and others written in a way that is phonetically plausible e.g. fone for phone.

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